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7 Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Where are shoes supposed to go besides into a big pile in the closet? While this was my own thinking as a bachelor for several years having a family with children today has changed my perception of shoe storage. It seems like I am tripping over little shoes at every turn. Here are a few shoe storage ideas I have come across in my quest to end the craziness.

1.)  Lift Top Storage Bench

The idea of “out of site out of mind” is continued with this end of the bed ottoman that contains a concealed compartment for the storage of blankets, pillows or any other desired bedroom clutter that is in the way. I like this ottoman because it is stylish and goes with most modern bedroom decor. You be the judge and check out the features below.
  • Multi- functional storage ottoman that provides additional seating
  • Flip top to reveal storage space
  • Dark Brown Faux Leather with Baseball Stitching Accents
  • Cover options: Chocolate Corduroy (471NF)
  • Textured Grey Fabric (471CM)
  • Great for smaller living spaces
  • Leopald-Print Fabric (471LP)

2.)  Richards Homewares 6 Pocket Bedside Storage Caddy

If you are anything like myself searching for the television remote before bed is an everyday adventure. Not to mention the wife having books and magazines all over the place. This bedside caddy is an inexpensive alternative to your current bedtime ritual offering several pockets and compartments for each needed bedtime peripheral and accessory.
  • Equipped with 3 deep pockets and 3 mesh pockets to hold it all!
  • With heavy weight 600 Denier Polyester it is plenty durable to be your bedside organizer
  • Dimensions: 10″ h x 5″ w x 12.5″ d

3.)  Rubbermaid 3-Handle Lowe-Profile Box

If your life was anything like mine coming up in the cold/fun/memorable streets of 1980’s/1990’s Chicago, Illinois you never owned a dresser drawer or any type of furniture for that matter. We had to improvise, clothes either stayed in the basket after laundry or it sat somewhere in the room until it was time to wear it. What I would have given for some sort of under bed storage system from the future. Well the future is here now.
  • Low profile clothing storage box for easy transport
  • Cedar inserts for stable, long-term storage
  • Easy to clean, stain resistant lining
  • Neutral design for any home décor placement
  • Has 3 handles for easy access and transportation

4.)  Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire

Left up to our own devices our precious adornments would be balled up inside a dresser drawer only to be shown the light of day at the integral time we decide that our bodies require accessories for a certain special event. Why not dedicate a special place in our world for those special pieces of jewelry.
  • Easy Hanging Mirror – Hangs over the Door
  • Full Length Door Mirror
  • Holds over 36 Necklaces!
  • Holds 48 Earrings! (all earrings: hanging, studs, hoops & clip)
  • Holds 96 Rings!! 12 Compartments to hold watches, bracelets and

5.)  Black Leather Locking Travel Box

Probably more suitable for the connoisseur of fine and rare jewelry this travel/desktop jewelry case is a bit of overkill for the average person with its leather compartments and sued interiors. The queen of England might feel comfortable traveling with this type of jewelry case to conceal her precious and valuable trinkets in a slim and compact box. But people like you and me might just purchase it for the simple fact that we want the best for our valuables.
  • 5 slide out drawers; 20 compartments;10 necklace hooks;3 large storage pouches;Lined in silsuede and finished in oiled leather and durable synthahide;
  • 2 removable earring holders which hold up to 30 earrings (10 hanging, 20 posts)
  • Twin fold out side compartments with snap closures. Great for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and other;
  • Lock with a key ;Large mirror on top lid;removable mini travel jewelry box (shown at rear left of the jewelry box) that holds even more rings/necklaces/earrings and other jewelry.. perfect for any trip!
  • Measures 10.25 inch (L) x 7.5 inch (W) x 8.75 (H) inch when closed.

6.)  MIU COLOR® Drawer Dividers

Have you ever felt that your individual under garments deserved their own special compartment? Me too! Too many days have I gone just barbarically stuffing underwear into baskets or drawers in preparation for the day that I might actually choose them for their very important duties. Well, I have seen the light.
  • Moth-proof, Mould-proof, Moisture-proof, Good Permeability
  • Neatly classify underwear, socks, neck ties, bra etc;
  • Foldable to be kept when it is not used, convenient to use;
  • Meticulous stitching, durable product with high quality;
  • Varies size and flexible, fashion design.

7.)  Whitmor 8-Piece Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

A similar drawer organizer to the previous drawer organizer, this one just looks cooler. The honey comb design gives off a sort of intentionally designed drawer space vibe. No one will really cares about the geometric shape of your drawer compartments but still I think this is pretty cool. I don’t know about anyone else but when I give a tour of my home I stop by the dresser drawers to show off my organizational geometric angles more often than the big screen television. I’m crazy though.
  • Consists of eight pieces
  • Easy to snap together
  • Makes a unique honeycomb divider

In Conclusion

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. It is where we sleep, watch television and do the dew. It is only right that we treat this area with the utmost respect and importance. Who wants to trip over various disorganized items as we prepare for the night to wake up to the new day. So lets all make a vow to keep it organized as we move on to out non-cluttered lives. If you have any question or ideas please submit them in the comments.

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