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5 Cool Garage Storage Ideas

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A few cool garage storage ideas for your next home organization project. To achieve this look, or something similar, here are a few items you may need.  With a few dollars and a bit of effort you can have your own personal Jay Leno type garage.

1.)  Akro-Mils Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Any do-it-yourselfer knows that the devil is in the details. Small things can be hard to find when they are scattered all over the garage. Make life easier by adding this essential item to your garage. A one stop shop for the smallest screws, washers and bolts.
  • Rugged, high-impact polystyrene frame
  • Drawer dividers molded into back of cabinet
  • 12 virtually unbreakable 4-3/8-inch by 2-inch by 5-1/4-inch Large drawers
  • Also, 32 virtually unbreakable 2-1/8-inch by 1-1/2-inch by 5-1/4-inch Small drawers
  • Ideal for crafts, beads, hardware, fishing, and more, made in the USA

2.)  Gladiator GarageWork GearLoft Shelf

If your floors are cluttered with things that have no functional reason for being on the floor the answer is simple.  Get them off the floor! Your walls are a goldmine of unused and unimplemented space.  Add some shelves to your wall to free up some floor space.
  • Great for storing totes, coolers and seasonal storage items up off the floor.
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction with a rated weight capacity of 50-Pound
  • Easy to install and reposition on GearWall Panels and GearTrack Channels

3.)  Gladiator Full Door Wall Box

Just as kitchen cabinets are essential to any kitchen, garage cabinets are essential to every garage. If you are looking to get a bit more serious in your quest to organize mess consider adding garage cabinets. While a bit more expensive than shelves cabinets allow for a cleaner look as items in the cabinets are hidden from view.
  • The tab and loop design on all of the panels minimizes the need for hardware and removes guesswork in assembly.
  • The Wall Bracket Kit moves your cabinet up off the floor and onto any of our Gladiator Wall Systems to free up space.
  • The extremely durable magnetic catch powerfully holds the cabinet door when closed.
  • The steel cabinet panels, along with heavy-duty Allen head bolt screws and back plates, offer excellent cabinet structure for lasting durability.

4.)  Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble Tall Cabinet

Fourth on our list of garage storage ideas is a bigger version of the third item on our list. A stand alone tall cabinet provides taller storage space for those taller yard work related items that would otherwise be propped up against a wall and taking up floor space.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Round key door lock
  • Magnetic latch
  • The optional Wall Bracket Kit for the RTA Large Gearbox moves the cabinet up off the floor and onto any of our Gladiator Wall Systems, increasing wall storage capacity and freeing up floor space
  • Rated load 225-Pound per cabinet, 45-Pound for each shelf

5.)  Gladiator GearWall Panels

Fifth and final on our list of garage storage ideas could be labeled as an alternative or an addition to your garage storage needs. While hanging items on your garage wall saves space on the floor the items are visible, unlike the the hanging cabinets or the tall cabinets. This could be used in addition to the hanging cabinet and can replace the tall cabinet as your storage for taller items.
  • Compatible with all Gladiator wall products
  • UL classified and rated as a Class A material
  • Screw track makes it easy to install
  • Rated load of 50 pounds of weight per square foot
  • 1-foot high by 8-foot long panel storage system

In Conclusion

This list is intended as a guide for you to create your own dream garage storage system. Feel free to mix and match styles, brands and ideas to achieve your desired goal. I hope this list has helped you as it has helped me organize my very, very messy garage. If you have any question or ideas please submit them in the comments.

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